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            Investigation on Tianqi in Chengdu by Mao Xiangyang, Vice Mayor of Chongzhou

            time:2018-12-13 14:37:31 source: Views:
            On June 6, 2018, Mao Xiangyang, Vice Mayor of Chongzhou, and his party visited Chengdu Tianqi for research and guidance.
            The general manager of Chengdu Tianqi, Xiqibin, briefly introduced the development of our company, focusing on our development strategy and the goal of building into a first-class refrigeration equipment manufacturer in China. In addition, he also expressed his gratitude to the Chongzhou Municipal Government and the Industrial Zone Management Committee for their support and help in R&D and innovation, product use, technical support and personnel training.
            Subsequently, accompanied by General Manager Xiqibin, Vice Mayor Mao Xiangyang and his delegation went deep into the front line and visited the two machines and assembly workshop, focusing on the basic situation of our company in the field of industrial refrigeration, production and processing technology and advanced manufacturing equipment. Mao Xiangyang, Vice Mayor, highly recognized Tianqi's achievements in R&D and industrial manufacturing upgrading, and said that the Chongzhou Municipal Government would further strengthen cooperation with Tianqi in industry, education and research.